• Looking Busses For Delhi Kandaghat   08 Apr,2020

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    Online reservation of bus from delhi to rudrapur

    Book Bus Ticket from Delhi to Kandaghat

    Since you are planning to travel from Delhi to Kandaghat by bus. Let’s have some interesting fact about traveling using online bus ticket booking at clickonme.in. The first thing you should know that distance covered by bus from Delhi to Kandaghat is approximately 311KM. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh with surrounding natural beauty, so will definitely be enjoying travling to kandaghat through bus. Our online booking feature will make you comfortable choosing different kind of buses and there operators to book bus online. Many private and government buses are operating at this route with all amenities. Some of the top buses are Volvo buses, sleeper buses, government Volvo bus, Himsuta bus, himgaurav bus and many more buses at this route. However time taken by bus also depends on the climatic conditions but in general it takes 7 hrs to cover the distance between Delhi to Kandaghat. Traveling by bus is the most convenient way in this route. Most bus operators also ensure and takes all safety measure so that your journey in this route are good, pleasant and enjoyable. Major bus operator are HRTC. While booking bus ticket you will be able to choose other bus services in this route.

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