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    GSRTC Bus was founded in 1960 and is abriviated as GSRTC State Transport corporation operating across Gujrat of India, which run buses around the town and the states and also offers it services acros the Gujrat and near by states like Rajasthan,Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh. GS RTC provides the facility of online bus ticket booking. GSRTC has headquater in Ahmedabad

    GSRTC Bus is very well knows name in logistic and travel agency. It is GSRTC Bus currently operating more then 18,449 buses including Multi-axel Volvos and Sleepers in both A/c and Non A/c , Tamil Nadu ,Gujrat, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Goa. One of the best features available for GSRTC Bus is they are providing bus tracking for their customers. Almost 250 routes where GSRTC Bus are operating with more then 1000 vehicles.

    GSRTC Bus also provide facility to rent bus for ocations and fastivals. For Wedding , Pilgrimage, Business Trip etc can be used for bus booking at GSRTC Bus

    You may directly call to GSRTC Bus whose contact number is 1800 233 666 666

    The logest route of GSRTC Bus is from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and The shortest bus runs from Satara to Pune

    FAQ - Popular Questions about GSRTC Bus

    Q.When was the GSRTC Bus founded? is it 2019?
    A: GSRTC Bus was founded in 1960

    Q.Who is the founder of GSRTC Bus?
    A: The Founder of GSRTC is Gujrat State Road Transport Corporation.

    Q.What is the longest Route of GSRTC Bus
    A: The longest Route of GSRTC Bus is Mumbai To Ahmedabad

    Q.Does GSRTC Bus provide bus tracking?
    A: Yes, GSRTC Bus provide bus tracking for the customer to make sure safty and security

    Q.What are the types of buses available in GSRTC Bus ?
    A: There are Many buses available with GSRTC Bus but mainly A/C Sleeper (2+1),Non A/C Sleeper (2+1),A/C Gold Class (2+2) etc

    Q.What is the shortest route of GSRTC Bus ?
    A: The shortest Route of GSRTC Bus is Satara To Pune

    Q.What is the longest Route covered by GSRTC Bus
    A: The Longest Route Covered by GSRTC Bus is Mumbai To Ahmedabad

    Q.How Many buses are there for GSRTC Bus?
    A: Almost 8000 Bus operated by GSRTC Bus on daily basis

    Types of GSRTC buses and the various types buses are

    Express, Non A/C Seater (2+3), Non A/C Seater (2+1), Sleeper (2+1), Volvo A/C Seater (2+1)

    Different types of bus operating in Gujrat are:

    A/C Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Seater Push Back (2+1), NON A/C Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Seater / Sleeper (2+1), Bharat Benz A/C Sleeper (2+1), A/C Seater / Sleeper (2+1), NON A/C Sleeper (1+2), Volvo Multi-Axle I-Shift B11R Sleeper (2+1), Volvo Multi-Axle A/C Sleeper (2+1), Bharat Benz Full Air Suspention AC Sleeper (2+1), Scania AC Multi Axle Sleeper (2+1), Benz A/C Sleeper (2+1), Bharat Benz NON A/C sleeper (2+1), Volvo Multi-Axle I-Shift B11R Semi Sleeper (2+2), Volvo Multi-Axle Sleeper A/C (2+1),

    Popular Bus Operator Operating in Gujrat Are:

    Patel tours and travels,  Shrinath Solitaire,  Shri Chirag Travel Agency,  New Kothari Travels,  Shreeji Travels agency,  J J Travels,  Kothari Travels,  Poonam New Kothari Travels,  Anjaniputra Travels,  Shrinath® Travel Agency Pvt. Ltd.,  Jay Bherunath Travels,  Khichi Travels,  Gujarat travels,  Raj Laxmi Travels,  RK Bajrang Travels,  R r travels lines,  Shree Vijay Travels,  Aadi Raj Travels,  Veer travels,  Khurana Travel Services,  Kabra Express Logistics Pvt .Ltd.,  Humsafar Travels,  Shreenath travelers,  King Travels (Humsafar),  Shubham Travels, 

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    All States Across India

    GSRTC Bus Covers

    500 bus routes across India

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    GSRTC Bus started their operation with more then 150 buses and many more are available including Multi-axel Volvos and Sleepers in both A/c and Non A/c with private Guide and Driver in any language and in any departure date.GSRTC Bus operates in Telangana.Andhra pradesh,Maharashtra and Karnataka .GSRTC Bus online bus can be booked here with clickonme.in using different mode of payment options excepts COD

    Many bus operators like GSRTC Bus and many more are available with private Guide and Driver in any language and in any departure date. For more information please contact us....

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